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How much will lose if I get a Tesla?

This separately calculates how much you pay each month from how much you lose. i.e. Loan payment to principal isn't a loss but depreciation is.

CategoryGas CarTesla
Loan: $ $
Loan Interest rate: % %
Loan Payment: $ $
Monthly Insurance: $ $
Monthly Maintenance: $ $ ($850 service every 4 years is $18/month)
Monthly Miles:
Monthly Free Fuel Miles: 0 (Number of miles where you don't have to pay for charging. i.e. at Supercharger or destination charging)
Efficiency: MPG Wh/Mile
Monthly Driving Hours:
Fuel cost: $ /gallon $ /kwh
Hourly feature value: $ $ (How much is it worth to you to have extra features like Auto Pilot, excellent safety, environment impact, etc?)
Monthly Depreciation: $ $
Monthly fuel: $ $ $
Interest: $ $ $
Total Monthly Loss: $ $
Total Monthly Cost: $ $

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